DIY Nail Art Designs: Simple Nail Art using Acrylic Paints

I’ve recently received a set of acrylic paints and decided to try my hand at a few one stroke designs. If you’re looking for simple nail art tutorials using acrylics, then this is for you. :-) I got a pretty decent-looking result in no time at all, so it’s fairly easy to do and I’ve taken step-by-step pictures to show you exactly how to do it.  If you like the design, read on to see exactly how I did it. It’s a lot easier than it looks, because the one-stroke technique adds a lot of the shading for you.












Getting Started

Prepare the nail like you would before doing any other manicure and apply a base coat. Once that’s dry, apply a coat or two of light blue nail polish and allow it to dry before painting the petals of the flowers.

Step 1:

The trick to creating the gradient effect is to dip your brush into two contrasting colors. Use a square brush and dip each corner into a different color. I used blue and white for the flower so one half of the tip of my brush had white on it and other other had blue paint on it.  Gently paint the petals using a U motion. You can let the petals overlap slightly or keep a small space between them.












Step 2:

Use white acrylic paint and gently paint in the lines for the petals. I used a small pointed brush to do this.  It’s not imperative that you do this, but I wanted a little more contrast between the petals.












Step 3:

I wanted to make the inside of the flowers even darker so I mixed a darker blue and painted that into the centers.  I then used the white paint again and the same brush as before to add the white details.












Step 4:

Lastly, I added some dots in the center of the flowers using my dotting tools. This just finished off the design nicely. I considered adding bullion beads or glitter but I wanted to keep this design fairly simple. Seal the design with a top coat of your choice to preserve the design, because acrylic will come off if there’s no top coat.

The example above is proof that simple nail art can be just as gorgeous and awe inspiring as more elaborate and time-consuming designs. This is a really easy one, and the end result is well worth the extra minutes spent.


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