Easy DIY Nail Art Designs Tutorial: Green and Blue Nails with White Butterflies

This design is one of the first full sets I did using the new image plates I received, and I was very pleased with the result. This is one of those DIY nail art designs that anyone could do and it looks like it took hours to do, when in fact, it took a few minutes longer than a regular manicure. :-) I’m totally in love with stamped nail art….! If I’d known it was this easy, I’d have tried it ages ago.

Step 1: Use a mint/tealish green polish for the base

Step 2: Then use the m64 plate to stamp an abstract design onto the nail using light blue polish.

Step 3: Use white polish to add the butterflies on the ring fingers and thumbs. Image plate m78 has the butterflies on it.

Step 4: Seal the design with a top coat of your choice.

This is such a simple nail art idea and even beginners can get a decent result with a little practice. My initial experiments with the plates were not quite as successful, but I’ve learned quite a lot and will do a post with a few simple tips on what to avoid when image plates. It really is a lot simpler than it looks, and the subtle effect of this nail design was just stunning. I loved having this on my nails. :-)

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