Simple DIY Nail Art Designs: Easy Red and Black Nail Design with Rhinestone Flowers

A simple DIY nail art design is the quickest and easiest way to give yourself a gorgeous manicure at a fraction of the salon price, so here’s another nail art tutorial that is easy enough for even beginners to complete at home.  This red and black design has rhinestone flowers on the accent fingers, and the design itself is really easy to complete. You’ll need two nail polishes: one black and one red, and clear and red rhinestones. No special tools are needed for this design, so if you’re just starting out, it’s probably one of the easiest to do with just a few basic products.

Getting Started

You should prepare your nails before doing any nail art design, because it just helps the nail polish stay on longer. If you’ve invested a bit of time and effort into a new design, it can be quite disheartening to see it chip or peel within a few days of application, so always do the preparation first. Start by cleaning off any old nail polish and cleaning the nail’s surface with a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover. This helps remove any excess oils and impurities from the nail’s surface.  Push back the cuticles using a steel pusher and a cuticle remover product, and apply a base coat. Once this is dry, proceed to step 1.














Step 1:

Paint the nails with one or two coats of red nail polish. The brand I used in the picture gives a bright candy-apple-red effect, and that in itself is already gorgeous! If you’re in a hurry, settling for a set of sexy red nails can be enough, but we’re going to go a few steps further.















Step 2:

Use the black nail polish and paint on rather chunky sideswipes.  I wanted half the nail to be covered in black with a diagonal line, so it’s easy enough to do with the polish brush itself. Once that’s done, move on to step 3.














Step 3:

Use clear nail polish or top coat to attach the rhinestones. I used a red one for the center of the flower and six clear ones for the petals. It’s a really quick and simple way to create a gorgeous flower effect. Just ensure that the nail polish is entirely dry underneath, if it isn’t you may end up damaging the surface when you move around the rhinestones. Repeat the process on the ring finger and thumb.

Finishing the Design

Lastly, apply top coat to seal in the design and you’re good to go. If possible use a quick drying product like OPI’s rapiddry spray to help set the polish. This design uses quite a few layers of polish so it tends to be slow drying.  I ended up smearing mine shortly after I finished it because I was in too much of a hurry to use rapiddry spray….

This simple nail art design is a fun variation on the standard red or black nails and the rhinestone flowers really add something special.  If you want to reuse the rhinestones, gently loosen them before you use nail polish remover.  The nail polish remover tends to take off the color and also takes away the shine. If you remove them beforehand, they should still be in almost perfect shape.

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    Thanks for the easy reportorial.. Brenda

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    v.v.very nice nail……. i like it

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