Simple Nail Art Design with Flowers using Dotting Tools

This simple nail art design uses a few colors of nail polish, a set of dotting tools and a small nail art brush. It’s super feminine and loads of fun to do as well. This easy nail art idea was born of a desire to have a bright, fun, and feminine manicure, and I must admit that the end result really surprised me!  Let’s get started with the tutorial so you can see exactly how I did it. The products below are the ones I recommend, but if you don’t have these you could substitute them for others.  It all depends on the end result you want to get, but the basic idea and technique remains the same.

Getting Started

You should start by preparing the nails properly and cleaning off any old nail polish. Push back the cuticles using a cuticle pusher and cuticle remover, and then apply a base coat of your choice. Once that is dry, proceed to step 1.












Step 1:

Apply a coat or two of blue nail polish and allow this to dry before starting the next step.












Step 2:

Use the large dotting tool and the pale yellow nail polish to create the petals for each flower. I used five for each flower but you could use more or less depending on the flower you want to create. I repeated the process on each nail and once it’s done it should resemble the picture above.












Step 3:

Use the large dotting tool and white nail polish to add the white center to the flowers. This should be fairly big because we’ll be adding a second color inside of that.












Step 4:

Use the small nail art brush and dark green nail polish to add the leaves. I used a pointed round brush and created the petals by pushing down onto the brush slightly. The result was really good, and all it took was one easy, small stroke.













Step 5:

Use the second largest dotting tool and add a dot right in the center of each flower. Leave a white border if possible, so try to make each dot smaller than the white one.  This adds real visual interest to the design.  It wasn’t my intention to add this extra detail but the flowers needed a little ‘oomph’ and the lime green dot in the center turned out to be just the thing. It also compliments the other colors perfectly while brightening up the design considerably.

Finishing the design

All you need to do now is to allow the design to dry. The design will be quite ‘thick’ in places, so it may take a while to dry fully. I’d suggest using OPI’s rapiddry spray or drops to help the polish set. It just helps prevent a smudge or smear from ruining the design.  I have found that when I don’t use a quick-dry product of some kind, my designs always smudge and smear before they’re completely dry.

I loved this design and it’s a really fun and inexpensive way to brighten up any outfit without the need for expensive foils or other products.  It’s relatively simple as well and is easy enough for beginners to do at home.

2 comments for “Simple Nail Art Design with Flowers using Dotting Tools

  1. sparsha
    December 29, 2012 at 8:05 am

    Thanxx for the is very helpful and easy.

    • diynailart
      January 8, 2013 at 7:03 am

      Hi Sparsha. If you live in a country that Amazon does not ship to, try visiting Born Pretty Store. They have great nail art glitter sets at very reasonable prices.

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