Simple Nail Designs: Nail Art Design in Blue and White

This nail art design is one of the recent simple nail designs I’ve been playing around with. The set of dotting tools I purchased made this design super easy, and it’s really eye catching as well.  You could use any color combination to do this, so if you prefer different colors, play around a little to see which combinations work best for you.









Step 1:  Start by painting the entire nail in a nude colored nail polish









Step 2: Paint a sideswipe using the blue nail polish.









Step 3: Use the white nail art pen to draw a white border along the edge of the sideswipe.








Step 4: Use dotting tools to place white dots on the blue part of the nail tip. Start with larger dots and work your way down as you near the edge of the nail.









Step 5: Repeat the process using the blue polish and create dots on the nude part of the nail. Start with the smallest dotting tool and increase the size as you work towards the cuticle.

That’s it! Let the nail art design dry and then seal it in with a top coat of your choice. This design is not only fun but also kind of arty.  You could add rhinestones to the design to add extra interest or even add glitter polish over the sideswipe to glam it up a little.

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