Simple Nail Designs: Red Nail Art Design with Hand-Painted Spring Blossoms

This is another one of the simple nail designs I’ve been working on, and though this has more steps than the usual four or less, it’s well worth the effort.  Everything is done using stripers or dotting tools, so you don’t need great freehand skills to do this nail art design.

Products I recommend:

Red Nail Polish

Nail Art Pens

Dotting Tools

Nail Art Brush











Step 1: Paint the entire nail with the red polish.








Step 2: Paint the branches using a dark brown nail art pen or striper.








Step 3: Add the dots for the center of the flowers using a dotting tool.








Step 4: Add the petals of the flowers using the dotting tools.








Step 5: Add darker details to the stems and centers of the flowers and add lighter details to the petals to give it a more 3-dimensional look.

That’s it. It’s a stunning nail art design, and is probably one of the simple nail ideas I like best so far.  Play around with other colors, and most of all have fun!




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